GħSL in contact with the Faculty about removal of EU Law Unit -

Għaqda Studenti tal-Liġi has been approached by a number of students who next Monday are meant to start their Second Year studies in the LL.B Hons Course, who have all expressed their concern and indignation at the sudden removal of the European Union Law (ECL2001) unit.
In previous years, the aforementioned unit was of a compulsory nature worth 8 ECTS, and yet, the hasty and unexpected removal of this credit was a shock to many students, which up until a few days ago was still listed down in each student's calendar of academic lessons.
GħSL notes that the timing of this announcement was inappropriate: The sheer majority of law students, including those affected by such an announcement, were scheduled to start their lectures on Monday morning. Moreover, no explanation has been sent to these students on why this decision has been taken.
With this in mind, GħSL is currently in contact with the Faculty of Laws, and has asked the Faculty the following questions:
• "Was such a decision a one-off, or is the Faculty of Laws planning such a change to be made permanent for other law students in the future?
• Will this unit be tackled later on during the course?
• How will this affect the EU Internal Market Law study unit the following year (i.e. academic year 2020-2021)? It may be argued that the EU law study unit provides a good basis for undertstanding and tackling EU Internal Market Law.
• How will the eight credits usually allocated to this study unit be compensated?"
GħSL will remain in contact with all stakeholders on the issue.