GħSL Issues Clarification about EU Law Unit -

Għaqda Studenti tal-Liġi (GħSL) can publicly confirm that it has met with the Dean of the Faculty of Laws, Dr Ivan Mifsud, and the Deputy Dean and Head of Department of EU and Comparative Law, Dr Ivan Sammut. This meeting was brought about after a request by GħSL, following the sudden removal of the European Union Law (ECL2001) unit from the Academic Timetable of the Second Year of the LL.B Course without prior notification.
After discussing the issue with the Faculty and exhausting all possible options, GħSL can confirm that a decision has been taken: the ECL 2001 Unit for the forthcoming year will be replaced by 2 ADDITIONAL elective units, to be chosen by Second Year Law Students.
In turn, said academic unit will be then taught during the Third Year of the LL.B Hons. Course, to replace the two elective units that Third Year law students get to choose for the entire year. This means that the affected students will have no elective units for the Third Year, but at the same it will still have the European Union Law credit, an integral part of any Maltese law student, as part of their studies for the LL.B Hons. Course.
While thanking the Faculty for their cooperation, as well as those law students who came up with their proposals and contacted our organisation, GħSL once again reiterates its appeal to all law students to approach our organisation with any comments, or requests for clarification, that they deem necessary.