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Kevin Aquilina
Key Elements to Ensure a Legally Valid Process Internal Disciplinary Procedure

Lara Buttigieg
MH17 Tragedy: Where does Responsibility Start and Where does it End?

Rebekah Tanti-Dougall
Disruptive Passengers on Board Aircraft

Daniela Azzopardi Bonanno
Reporting of Child Abuse – Should it be Mandatory for Professionals?

Sandra Hili Vassallo
The Six-Week Deadline under The Hague 1980 Convention

Claire Bonello
Maltese Constitutional Development at the Turn of the 20th Century: A Historico-Legal Perspective

Anġlu Farrugia
Clive Gerada
Quo Vadis Parliament Autonomy? Revisiting of the Maltese Parliamentary Standing Orders

Ivan Mifsud
Questioning Parliamentary Supremacy over the Courts Yet Again

Mark A Sammut
Judicial Importation of Italian Private Law Solutions and its Implications

Amadeus Cachia
The Necessary Requisites of Judgements According to Article 382 of the Criminal Code

Ann Marie Spiteri
The Right to be Forgotten: Bringing the Data Protection Directive into the Internet Search Engine Era

Justine Calleja
EU Citizenship: A Rightful Component Emanating from the Transition towards a Union or a too Far-Fetched Widening of the EU Fundamental Rights?

Christopher P Buttigieg
The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive in Malta: Past, Present... What next?

Stephanie J Coppini
The Proposed Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive: What has Changed?

Consuelo Scerri Herrera
Justine Scerri Herrera
Gender and Domestic Violence

Raymond Mangion
The Capitula of Malta and Gozo – Late Mediaeval Legislative Enactments with Multicoloured Facets

Michele Magro
A Legal Snapshot of the European Online Gaming Industry going into 2015

Jeanine Rizzo
A New Era for Trade Marks?

Roberta Avellino
Today’s Terrorist is Tomorrow’s Statesman – Does the Law of Self-Determination provide any Justification for Terrorist Acts?

John M Cachia
The Mental Health Act of 2012

Nadine Sant
The Value in Legislating for Family Businesses

Bridget Ellul
Informed Consent in Medical Practice in Maltese Legislation

Roland Wadge
Notaries – Too Many Hats?

Conrad Cassar Torregiani
Christopher Bergedahl
Constitutional Safeguards in Tax Litigation: How the John Geranzi Case Upset the Status Quo


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No. of Pages: 545


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