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Revisited Articles

Aviation Law

The Aircraft Registration Act 2010: A Success Story? Matthew Xerri

Civil Law
The Law of Succession in Malta – A Reappraisal Paul DeBono
Leases of Commercial Premises: A Reform in Course -  Phyllis Aquilina and Peter Caruana Galizia  

Pacta Sunt Servanda and Good Faith in Contracts – Revisited Louis de Gabriele

Criminal Law
Theft, Misappropriation and Fraud – An Update Consuelo Scerri Herrera

International Law

A Universal Constitution for the Oceans - David J Attard

Adapting to Climate Change in Malta: Identifying the Requisite Legal Framework from a Sectoral Perspective - Simone Borg

The Legal Profession

The Importance of the Legal Profession - Edgar Ganado as revisited by Max Ganado

The Role of the Legal Procurator in the Maltese Legal System - Paul Saliba

L-Etika fil-Professjoni Legali - Emmanuel Mallia

The Notion of Public Faith and the Office of the Notary Public Daniel John Bugeja

Civil Procedure

Some reflections on Alternative Dispute Resolution for Small Claims in Malta - Paul Edgar Micallef

Shipping Law Arrest of Vessels in Malta - Malcolm H Pace


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Id-Dritt Commemorative

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No. of Pages: 365


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