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Id-Dritt Volume XXIV - Contents   Aviation Law Aircraft Liens, Detention and Sale Joseph Ghio and Nicolai Vella Falzon Cyber Terrorism: A New Threat Against the Aviation Industry Rebekah Tanti-Dougall   Bio Ethics Regulating the Value of Genetic Knowledge Daphne Ann Grech Banking on the Future: Umbilical Cord Blood Banks Alessia Psaila Zammit, Marisa Vella and Daniela Cassar   Civil Law Protecting Salaries from Garnishee Orders: A Practical Labyrinth? Carlos Bugeja Medieval (Legal) Beasts in our Midst? A Terminological ad fonts look at the Dissolution of Contracts Mark A Sammut with Patrick A Cuignet    Commercial Law Past and Present of Carriage of Goods by Sea from the International Conventions’ Perspective Carlo Corcione   Constitutional Law Constitutional Change: Proposals for Reform Kevin Aquilina   Corporate Law The Cell Company Structure under Maltese Law Johan Farrugia   Criminal Law The Rights of the Accused in Light of Recent Developments and Proposed Reforms Franco Debono   International Law A Conceptual Re-Characterisation of Universal Criminal Jurisdiction Christoper Soler   iGaming Law The Remote Gaming Industry in Malta Dean Micallef and Rachel Galea    IT Law I Spy with the Internet as my Eye: The Right to Privacy in the Electronic Surveillance Age Ann Marie Spiteri    Notarial Law The Examination of Title in the Transfer of Immovable Property in the Light of Recent Reforms in Notarial Law James Grech   Private International Law Mediation in Child Abduction and Access Cases under the Hague Convention 1980 and the Brussels II bis Sandra Hili Vassallo and John Axiak    Shipping Law Malta’s Ship Registration Potential: Law as means to an End? Jotham Scerri-Diacono and Timothy A Bartolo    Tax Law Recent Developments in the Exchange of Information and Cross-Border Cooperation between Tax Authorities Mariella Rapa 

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Id-Dritt XXIV

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No. of Pages: 130


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