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Contents CIVIL LAW 1) Leases of Commercial Premises: a Reform in Course by Dr. Phyllis Aquilina 2) Best Interests of the Child in Family Conflict by Dr. Ruth Farrugia 3) Factual and Legal Issues in Recent Medical Malpractice Cases: a Critical Analysis by Dr. Alessandro Lia 4) 'Two of a Kind': A Private Law for Non-Marital Unions in Malta by Dr. Philip M. Magri 5) Moral Damages outside the Ambit of the Maltese Civil Code by Dr. Claude Micallef-Grimaud COMMERCIAL LAW 6) Harmonised Commercial Law Principles in Investor-State International Commercial Arbitrations among Euro-Med Partners by Mary Ayad 7) Warranties in Marine Insurance: the Maltese Legal Perspective by Dr. Geraldine Baldacchino 8) Trustees in Anti-Money Laundering - Counter Terrorist Financing: a Case of Running with the Hare and Hunting with the Hounds? by Dr. Anthony Cremona COMPARATIVE LEGAL HISTORY 9) 'Writing History with Lightning' : Notes on Comparative Legal History by Dr. Sean Patrick Donlan CRIMINAL LAW 10) The Right to Legal Advice During Police Interrogation - the Maltese Niceties by Dr. Franco Galea 11) The Crime of Conspiracy by Magistrate Dr. Consuelo Scerri Herrera 12) Retroactivity in Criminal Procedure by Dr. Stephen Tonna Lowell DEVELOPMENT PLANNING LEGISLATION 13) The Contemporary Urban Planning Framework in Bulgaria by Dr. Lino Bianco ENVIRONMENTAL LAW 14) Adapting to Climate Change in Malta: Identifying the Requisite Legal Framework from a Sectoral Perspective by Dr. Simone Borg 15) Environmental Modifications and International Law: 'Climate of War' for Human Rights by Dr. Salvatore Fabio Nicolosi EUROPEAN UNION LAW 16) The Lisbon Treaty : Negotiated Complexity by Dr. David Friggieri INTERNATIONAL LAW 17) Irregular Maritime Migration in Context by Dr. Patricia Mallia 18) Consular Assistance and the Due Process of Law by Dr. Mark A. Sammut PRESS LAW 19) Diffusing Confusion: Classifying Statutory Sources Regulating Maltese Media Law by Professor Kevin Aquilina We would like to thank all those who have contributed to this volume.   What is Id-Dritt? “Id-Dritt” is an GHSL publication in existence since the late forties. It is a pastiche of legal articles ranging from broad to specific issues that compiles essential reading for the legal practitioner and the law student alike. Throughout the years, the journal has gone through many modifications and improvements. Today, it is regarded as one of the few indispensable local publications that is accessible to everyone including the general public. It has become an authoritative commentary on current issues including the several important, far-reaching and sometimes radical amendments that have taken place over time. 

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