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Id-Dritt Vol. XX contains the following articles:   1. European Administrative Law Principles and Maltese Administrative Law – Dr. Caroline Farrugia 2. The Plea of Res Judicata in Administrative Law with Special Reference to Development Planning Legislation: The Maltese Viewpoint – Professor Kevin Aquilina 3. “No More Heroes Any More?” The Whistle-Blowing Dilemma: Recent Developments and a Fresh Look at Some Conceptual Issues – Dr. David Fabri 4. Individual’s Right to Reparation for Breaches of Community Law Attributable to the State – Professor Eugène Buttigieg 5. Theft, Misappropriation and Fraud. Any Difference? – Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera 6. Perjury – Dr. Stephen Tonna Lowell 7. The United Nations Human Trafficking and Smuggling Protocols – A Brief Overview with Specific Reference to Maltese Criminal Law – Dr. Jean Paul Grech 8. Regulating the Taking and Retention of DNA Profiles: A Delicate Balancing Act – Dr. Jeanne Pia-Mifsud Bonnici 9. Child Rights and State Responsibility in Determining ‘Home’ – Dr. Ruth Farrugia 10. The Real Difference Between the Actio Spolii and the Actio Manutentionis – Mr. Justice Joseph Azzopardi 11. The Canonical Process for the Declatation of the Nullity of Marriage in the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the 2005 Instruction Dignitatis Conubii – Msgr. Dr. Joseph Bajada 12. Domicile of Origin – The Taxman’s Ageing Tool – Mrs. Ann Xuereb 13. Commemorating the 1988 Maltese Initiative on Global Climate Change – Dr. Simone Borg 14. The Libelling of a Juridical Person – Dr. Alex Perici Calascione 15. The Place of the Codice Municipale di Malta in European Legal History – Dr. Mark-Anthony Sammut 16. Ir-Rwol tad-Traduzzjoni fil-Qorti tal-

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Id-Dritt XX

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No. of Pages: 95


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