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In February 2015, GħSL worked on a much needed new GħSL Statute, equipped  with the effective tools to deal with a modern student organisation. We’ve brought the best of what local and international spheres have to offer in a dynamic and structured statute. It creates a strong link between the Executive Board and its statutory Committees, which seek to increase the outreach of the organisation to all law students. It was presented and passed at the GħSL Annual General Meeting 2014/5.

GħSL Statute (2015)
GħSL Portfolio 2015-16
Annual Report 2014/15
GħSL Portfolio (2014)
Id-Dritt Editorial Submission Policy (2014)
Class Representatives Application 15-16
Lawyered Up 2015
Make Your Case
AGM Agenda 15-16
Nomination Form 16-17
Statutory Amendment Form
Make Your Case Grading System