Student Notes Sharing

To access GħSL's Student Notes Sharing click here.


For the first time, there is a single platform where students can share and access each other’s law notes. Every year it is a hassle to try and find good solid notes. Many a time, students don’t mind giving their notes to other students to help them out. Moreover, it is often a hassle to pass them on, especially because of large file sizes. With GħSL’s student notes sharing module, it is now easy to simply upload them to our website, which all members can access and make use of. The system is also equipped with a rating system whereby students can rate the best notes!


There is already a group of students who have shared their notes with us. We encourage all students to take part in this initiative!


Please note that these notes are compiled by students who have chosen to share their work on the GħSL website. They do not claim to be experts or to have put together authoritative work. These notes have been compiled from an avenue of sources, such as lectures, other students’ notes, books, etc.


In order to access the notes sharing platform, one must become a member of the website for a fee of €5.


To access GħSL's Student Notes Sharing click here.