First Year Law Students


The following are the main texts and any supplementary readings which may be useful in students’ studies. Notes published by GħSL are available here. The remainder are available from bookstores, online, the University Library and the Faculty of Laws Library. For more information contact academic@ghsl.org


N.B. This list is compiled from the University website and student suggestions. It is a list of suggested readings by students for students in one place. It does not presume to be an official list of suggested readings. For the official list please refer to the University website.




Principles of Criminal Law

1. Mamo: Notes on Criminal Law, GħSL

2. Criminal Code, Chapter 9, Laws of Malta

3. JC Smith and Brian Hogan, “Criminal Law - 7th Edition”, Butterworths, 1992


Philosophy of law

1. John Finnis “Natural Law and Natural Rights”

2. G. Mifsud Bonnici, Custom (Philosophy of Law), GħSL


Constitutional Law

1. O. Hood Phillips & Jackson "Constitutional and Administrative Law" 8th Edition.

2. J. J. Cremona "Malta and Britain The Early Constitutions".

3. J. J. Cremona "The Maltese Constitution and Constitutional History Since 1813" 2nd Edition.

4. Faculty of Laws, University of Malta "Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights".

5. Superior Courts "The Collection of Malta Decided Cases".

6. Constitution of Malta, Chapter 0, Laws of Malta

7. J.J. Cremona, Some Constitutional Subjects of Maltese Interest, GħSL

8. Human Rights Cases, GħSL

9. Patrick Staines, 'Essays on Governing Malta (1800-1813)', 2008.

10. Patrick Staines, 'Essays on Governing Malta (1813-1835)', 2015.




Roman Law 1

1. H. F. Jolowicz. “Historical Introduction to the Study of Roman Law”, Cambridge: University Press, 2008.

2. R. W. Lee. “Elements of Roman Law”, Sweet & Maxwell; 4th edition (1986).

3. Dr. H. Harding, Roman Law in Malta, GħSL

4. L.B. Curzon, “Roman Law (Handbook S.)”, 1966


Introduction to Legal History

1. Hugh W. Harding, ‘Maltese Legal History Under British Rule: 1801-1836’, Valletta, Progress Press, 1980.

2. J.J. Cremona, 'The Maltese Constitution and Constitutional History Since 1813', San Gwann, Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd., 1994.

3. J.J. Cremona, ‘Malta And Britain: The Early Constitutions', San Gwann, Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd., 1996.

4. Henry Frendo, ‘Maltese Political Development 1798-1964: A Documentary History’, Malta, 1993.

5. Henry Frendo, ‘The Origins of Maltese Statehood: A Case Study of Decolonization in the Mediterranean', 2000.

6. Patrick Staines, 'Essays on Governing Malta (1800-1813)', 2008. 

7. Patrick Staines, 'Essays on Governing Malta (1813-1835)', 2015. 


Introduction to Law

1. David J Attard, The Maltese Legal System

2. Prolegomena, Prof. J.M. Ganado, GħSL




Basic Notions of Commercial Law

1. Commercial Code

2. Commercial Law, Prof. F. Cremona (Revised by Prof. J.A. Micallef), GħSL

3. Commercial Partnerships, Prof. F. Cremona, GħSL


Comparative Legal Systems and Legal Pluralism

1. K Zweigert and H Kötz “Introduction to comparative law” 3rd Edition, 1998


Roman Law 2

1. R. W. Lee. “Elements of Roman Law”.

2. H. F. Jolowicz. “Historical Introduction to the Study of Roman Law”.




English Proficiency

Students will be made aware of resource material they can make use of individually to improve their grasp of the language on an ongoing basis.


Statistics Law

- Joseph B. Kadane, Statistics in the Law: A Practitioner's Guide, Cases, and Materials, Hardcover: 472 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (May 23, 2008), ISBN-10: 0195309235, ISBN-13: 978-0195309232.

- Michael O. Finkelstein and Bruce Levin, Statistics for Lawyers, Hardcover: 552 pages. Publisher: Springer; 2nd edition (September 21, 2001), ISBN-10: 0387950079, ISBN-13: 978-0387950075.


Local Government Law

- Sir Ivor Jennings, ‘Principles of Local Government Law’, University of London Publications, 4th edition, 1960. RSC

- Natalino Attard, ‘The Role of Local Authorities Within the Framework of the European Union Institutions, Magister Juris in European & Comparative Law thesis, Faculty of Laws, September 1995.

- Paul Borg Olivier, ‘Local Councils in Malta: Some Considerations of the Law from a Comparative Perspective’, LL.D. thesis, Faculty of Laws, June 1995.

- Henri Darmanin, 'The European Charter of Local Self-Government', LL.D. thesis, Faculty of Laws, 2009.


Parliament: Functions, Procedure, Practice and Field Studies

- J.A.G. Griffith, Michael Ryle and M.A.J. Wheeler-Booth, ‘Parliament: Functions, Practice and Procedures’, London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2003 KM82.G7 2003

- Philip Norton, ‘Parliament in British Politics’, Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1993, JN 550.N67

- Mark Anthony Mifsud Cutajar, ‘Representation in Parliament and Governmental Stability’, LL.D. thesis, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta, 2002*

- Owen Bonnici, ‘The Office of the Speaker: His Role and Functions’, LL.D. thesis, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta, 2004*

- Trevor de Giorgio, ‘The Constitutional Implications of a Hung Parliament’, LL.D. thesis, Faculty of Laws, University of Malta, 2006*


Education Law

Main Text:

- President Emeritus Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, "An Introduction to the Law of Education", in the process of publication.

Select Bibliography:

- Sultana Ronald, "Education and National Development", Mireva Publications, University of Malta, 2008.

- Tabone Matthew, "The Bologna Process and Malta", LL.D thesis, University of Malta, Faculty of Laws, 2008.

- Vella Prof Andrew, "The University of Malta", The National Press, 1969.

- Zammit Mangion Joseph, "Education in Malta", Studia Editions, Malta 1992.


Political Philosophy

- Heywood Andrew (1999) Political Theory. Macmillan, 2nd ed.

- David Boucher and Paul Kelly, (eds) (2003) Political Thinkers: From Socrates to the Present. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


History of Police Law: The British Period 1814 -1964

- Attard, Edward: A History of the Malta Police (1800-1964)

- The Malta Government Gazette - various editions

Archival sources available at:

(a) the National Archives;

(b) the National Library of Malta; and

(c) the Melitensia Section of the University of Malta.


Introduction to Historico Legal Research: The Notarial Archives

- J. Abela, Port Activities in Mid-Sixteenth Century Malta, Unpublished MA History Thesis, (University of Malta, 2007).

- W. Ashburner, The Rhodian Sea-Law, (1909).

- G. Aquilina, The full clause explaining the et cœtera abbreviation.

- C. Dalli, ‘Medieval Communal Organization in an Insular Context: Approaching the Maltese Universitas’, in Heritage Supplement, 9.

- C. Dalli, Malta, The Medieval Millennium, (Malta, 2006).

- S. Fiorini, ‘The Vice-Admiracia Insularum Meliveti et Gaudisii’, in C. Vassallo, [ed.], Consolati Di Mare and Chamber of Commerce, (Malta, 2000), 29-41.

- S. Fiorini , Documentary Sources of Maltese History Part 1 Notarial Documents No.1 Notary Giacomo Zabbara R494/1(I): 1486-1488, (Malta, 1996).

- S. Fiorini, Documentary Sources of Maltese History Part 1 Notarial Documents No.2 Notary Giacomo Zabbara R494/1(II-IV): 1494-1497, (Malta, 1999).

- G. La Mantia, ‘Capitoli e Statuti Amministrativi Dell’Isola di Malta approvati dai Re o Vicere di Sicilia 1130-1530’, Archivio Storico di Malta, Anno VIII, 28 Nov. 1936-28 Jan.1937, Fasc. 1, 12.

- V. Mallia-Milanes (ed.), Hospitaller Malta 1530 – 1798, Studies on Early Modern Malta and the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, (Malta, 1993).

- A. Mifsud, ‘Le Franchigie Costituzionali’, ‘L’Approvigionamento e l’Università di Malta nelle passate dominazioni’, Archivium Melitense, Vol. III, (1918), 163-212.

- C. Trasselli, I Privilegi di Messina e di Trapani (1160-1355), (Messina, 1992).


Introduction to ICT Law

- Bennett, C.J. & Raab, C.D. (2003). The Governance of Privacy. Policy instruments in global perspective. Ashgate: United Kingdom.

- Carey, P. (2009). Data Protection: A practical guide to UK and EU law (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press: Oxford, United Kingdom.

- Clayton, R. & Hugh, T. (2010). Privacy and Freedom of Expression (2nd ed.). Oxford University Press: Oxford, United Kingdom.

- Colvin, M. (2002). Developing Key Privacy Rights. Hart Publishing: United Kingdom.

- Lloyd, I. J. (2011). Information Technology Law (6th ed.). Oxford University Press: Oxford, United Kingdom.

- Lessig, L. Code 2.0. Online version.




Law and Society: Key Debates

Main Text:

- Kitty Calavita, Invitation to Law and Society: An Introduction to the Study of Real Law, 2010, Chicago: University Press.

Supplementary Reading:

- Richard Abel (ed.) The Law and Society Reader, 1995, New York: University Press.

- Austin Sarat (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to Law and Society, 2004, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.

- Selected Articles Published by the Law and Society Review.


Introduction to Sacred Scripture

− Brown Raymond E., An Introduction to the New Testament, Doubleday, New York 1997.

− Dunn James D.G., New Testament Theology, An Introduction, Nashville 2009.

− Esler Philip F., New Testament Theology, Communion and Community, Minneapolis 2005.

− Evans Craig A - Porter Stanley E., (eds.), New Testament Backgrounds. A Sheffield Reader, Sheffield 1997.

− Gabel John B., et al., (eds.), The Bible as Literature, An Introduction, New York 2000.

− Harding Mark - Nobbs Alanna (eds.), The Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition, Grand Rapids/Michigan 2010.

− Howard Marshall I., New Testament Theology, Downers Grove/Illinois 2004.

− Schnelle Udo, Theology of the New Testament, Grand Rapids/Michigan 2007.

− Scobie Charles, H., The Ways of our God. An Approach to Biblical Theology, Grand Rapids/Michigan 2003.

− Theissen Gerd, The New Testament, History, Literature, Religion, London 2002.


Introduction to Comparative Politics of Europe

Main text:

- Bale, Tim (2008), European Politics: a comparative introduction, 2nd edition, Palgrave, UK.

Additional text:

- Heywood, Paul; Jones, Erik; Rhodes, Martin; and Sedelmeier, Ulrich (2006), Developments in European Politics. Palgrave, UK.

- Hogwood, Patricia and Roberts, Geoffrey (2003), European Politics Today, 2nd edition, Manchester University Press, UK.

- Keating, M. (1999), The Politics of Modern Europe, 2nd edition, Edward Elgar, UK.


European Media Law

- Oliver Castendyk, Egbert J. Dommering, Alexander Scheuer, "European Media Law", Kluwer International, The Netherlands, 2008.

- Peggy Valcke, "Media Law in the European Union, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business", The Netherlands, 2012.

- Michael Holoubek, Dragana Damjanovic, Matthias Traimer, "Regulating Content: European Regulatory Framework for the Media and Related Creative Sectors", 2007, Kluwer Law International BV, The Nerherlands.


Ethical Foundations of Law

- Andrei Marmor (Ed.). The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Law. Routledge, 2012.

- David Dyzenhaus, Sophia Reibetanz Moreau and Arthur Ripstein (Eds.). Law and Morality: Readings in Legal Philosophy. 3rd Ed. University of Toronto Press, 2007.

- Edgar Bodenheimer, Jurisprudence : The Philosophy and Method of Law. Harvard University Press, 1974.

- Robert W. Shaffern, Law and Justice from Antiquity to Enlightenment. Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.

- Michael J. Sandel, Justice: A Reader. Oxford University Press Inc., 2007.

- Richard H. Bell, Rethinking Justice Restoring Our Humanity. Lexington Books, 2008.


Family Violence Law

- Journal of Family Violence, SpringerLink Journal https://springerlink3.metapress.com/content/wq87248k532t88m1/resource-secured/?target=fulltext.pdf&sid=pscbltvwskvlo355xefick55&sh=www.springerlink.com

- The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, North Western University Publishers http://www.jstor.org/action/showPublication?journalCode=jcrimlawcrim1973

- Laws of Malta http://www.justiceservices.gov.mt/LOM.aspx?pageid=27&mode=chrono

- The Internet Journal of Criminology http://www.internetjournalofcriminology.com/  


Mental Health Law

- Mental Health Act , Cap 262 - Laws of Malta (Available online).

- Mental Health Act, Cap 525 - Laws of Malta (Act XXII of 2012 - Government Gazette of Malta No 18,999 - 07/12/2012) (Available online).

- Case law of the European Court of Human Rights (Available online via the HUDOC database).


Development Planning Legislation

Main text:

- Kevin Aquilina “Development Planning Legislation: The Maltese Experience.” Msida, Mireva Publications, 1999.

Additional Readings

- Kevin Aquilina “Decizjonijiet Dwar L-Ippjanar”. Sliema, Legal (Publishing) Enterprises, 1995. (Volumes I to VIII consisting in the decisions delivered by the Planning Appeals Board).

- Kevin Aquilina “Humpty Dumpty and Planning Obligations in Law and Practice”, Valletta, the Malta Chamber of Advocates, Issue 1, December, 2000 (pp. 5 – 7).

- Kevin Aquilina, ‘Rationalising Administrative Law on the Revocation of Development Permissions’, BOV Review, Autumn 2006, No. 34, pp. 19-38.

• Kevin Aquilina ‘The Plea of Res Judicata in Administrative Law With Special Reference to Development Planning Legislation: The Maltese Experience,' Id-Dritt, Volume XX, September 2009, pp. 19-43.




English Writing Skills

- Bly, Robert W., Webster's New World Letter Writing Handbook (Webster's New World, 2003).

- Kupsh, Joyce, and Rhonda Rhodes, Report Writing (Xlibris Corporation, 2010).

- Moon, Jennifer A., Learning Journals: A Handbook for Reflective Practice and Professional Development (Routledge, 2006).


Compiled by John Caruana, Joshua Chircop & Marc Dimech