I. Faculty of Laws Website


One can access the Faculty of Laws homepage through www.um.edu.mt by selecting the ‘Find a Course’ link on the Quicklinks drop-down menu.

Press ‘Find’ after inputting the following information:

Choose Area of Study: Law

Select Faculty, Institute or Centre: Faculty of Laws

Show Course Information for: 2014/15

Choose Study Level: Undergraduate

Choose Attendance Mode: Full-time

Select ‘Bachelor of Laws (Honours)’.

Direct link: http://www.um.edu.mt/laws/overview/UBLAWHFT-2014-5-O


II. Programme Description


For course information and details about study units, one may access the Programme Description by scrolling to the bottom of the Overview Description page and selecting the link:


Listed here are the study-units for each year of study, applicable to students having applied for the 2014/15 course. Selecting the course code to the left of the list will redirect you to a full description of the study-unit, complete with suggested reading materials, lecturers, and method of assessment.

Direct link: http://www.um.edu.mt/laws/programme/UBLAWHFT-2014-5-O


III. Faculty of Laws Homepage

To the left of every page on the Faculty of Laws website is a link to the Faculty Homepage, where one can read recent notices and access other pertinent information.

Direct link: http://www.um.edu.mt/laws


IV. Downloads

Further, the page entitled Downloads contains Semester timetables, Examination timetables, Forms and Guidelines.

Direct link: http://www.um.edu.mt/laws/downloads


V. Accessing eSims

eSIMS is the University of Malta portal available to students, academic and administrative staff. It enables them to view information and perform various tasks online. The word eSIMS stands for Electronic Student Information Management System. Students may use the portal for enrolling for each academic year, registering for each year’s study units, viewing messages via eSIMS intray, viewing/updating personal details, viewing registered course details, viewing registered study-unit details, viewing University of Malta academic record, viewing historic and latest results, and submitting feedback regarding lectures.

One can access eSims through www.um.edu.mt by selecting the ‘eSims’ link on the Quicklinks drop-down menu. Students will then have to input their university username and password.

Direct Link: https://accounts.um.edu.mt/sign-in/go/auth/esims/ 


VI. Accessing Results

Select ‘View your current Results/Apply for Revision of Paper’ from the eSims page. The subjects will be listed according to study-unit code.

New results will have a green study for 7 days after they’re first published. This green colour also represents the 7 days one can apply for revision of paper.

To see details of the subject including the name of the exam, the average mark, and individual assignment marks, select the subject from the left-hand side, and press ‘View Study Unit Details’. This is where a student can apply for a Revision of Paper. 


VI. Accessing VLE 

VLE is a forum that Lecturers at the University of Malta use to distribute materials, notices and e-mails to the students of a particular course.

To access the VLE page, one can select ‘Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)’ from the Quicklinks drop-down menu on the University of Malta homepage.

Students will then have to scroll to the bottom, and select the Bottom Icon on the left-hand column of the page entitled ‘UoM VLE 2014/15’.

Direct Link: https://accounts.um.edu.mt/sign-in/go/vle/1415/my/ 


Compiled by Luisa Cassar Pullicino and Joshua Chircop.