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I. Academic Staff


Professor Kevin Aquilina (Dean)

Professor Simone Borg (Deputy Dean)


Dr David E. Zammit (Civil Law)

Dr David Fabri (Commercial Law)

Dr Stefano Filletti (Criminal Law)

Professor Peter G. Xuereb (European & Comparative Law)

Dr Patricia Cassar Torregiani (International Law)

Professor Simone Borg (Environmental and Resources Law)

Professor Raymond Mangion (Legal History and Methodology)

Professor Kevin Aquilina (Media, Communications & Technology Law)

Dr Austin Bencini (Public Law) 


II. Student Representatives


Mr Robert Dingli

Mr Paul Caruana Turner

Mr Patrick Gatt 


III. Administrative Staff


Ms Nathalie Cauchi - Faculty Officer

Ms Elisa Attard - Administrative Assistant

Ms Josianne Schembri - Administrative Assistant

Ms Elizabeth Ebejer- Assistant Librarian

Ms Stephanie Said - Executive Officer

Mr James Bonnici - Clerk

Mr Glen Buttigieg - Clerk 

Ms Mariella Gambin- Clerk

Ms Angele Mizzi- Clerk

Ms Corinne Gatt – Clerk

Ms Marylyn Galea - Clerk 


IV. Faculty Student Hours


Winter Hours

Monday to Friday 1030 - 1215hrs 1530 - 1630hrs


Summer Hours

Monday to Friday 1030 - 1215hrs


Postal Address

Faculty of Laws Block A,

New Humanities Building

University of Malta

Msida MSD 2080


Tel: +356 2340 2340

Fax: +356 2340 2342

DDI: +356 2340 + extension no. 


Campus Map can be dowloaded below.

*Number 15: Faculty of Laws