GħSL bemoans the Faculty's decision to reject Criminal Law dissertations due to a -

"Our fears slowly coming true"


GħSL bemoans the Faculty of Laws' decision to reject a number of LL.B. IV students' proposals for their upcoming dissertations, due to lack of administrative staff as well as examiners, allocated to the Criminal Law Department.
Yesterday, after months of waiting without response, a number of students had their proposal for their upcoming dissertations, which they had submitted prior to the 30th of March of this year, rejected by the Faculty. In their email, it was argued that the decision was taken because "the aforementioned department does not have enough resources to support the bulk of proposals submitted by students."
This decision unfortunately is the end result of what this organisation has appealed and warned against for weeks and months on end: that the students are suffering because of the lack of adequate resources, human and academic wise, which are allocated to this Faculty.
As the only organization who insisted for the allocation of extra human and financial resources to Faculty on a consistent basis, we take no pride in the fact that notwithstanding our sole and relentless say on the matter, even publicly so, the Faculty and the University Administration seems to keep proving the students and their concerns right.
The silence expressed by said Administration as well as the Rector, despite repeated public and private calls from our end, is deafening, as well as disheartening.
GħSL must also express its disappointment at the fact that this news broke out in such a belated way. Because of the dates stipulated, students potentially have a shorter window of time for them to submit a new title AND finish their dissertation, when compared to the months they waited in vain for a definitive answer on the proposal that they had submitted.
It is for this reason that GħSL has called for an urgent meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Laws, as well as the Head of Department of Criminal Law, in order to find a more equitable solution.
It once again calls for the University Administration to address the shambolic situation at hand, and to not delay any action further than it already has.
The potential of unnecessary harm and inconvenient delays to students, as a result of the lack of said resources, has now metastised into a real crisis. It's up to those responsible to address the situation now before the situation worsens further.


GħSL has made contact with the Dean of the Faculty of Laws, Dr. Ivan Mifsud, who although currently indisposed, has accepted our proposal for a meeting in due time. We’ll let students know when there are any further updates on the matter.