Call for Subcommittee -

Improving the services of the GħSL theses database 


During the previous scholastic year, GħSl took on the task of enhancing the resources available to Law students. Today, we can say that this has been a major success, especially when one sees services such as the ‘notes package’ offered during the past year. There is always room for improvement and thus the GħSL team will continue to further enhance and improve these resources during the coming scholastic year.


One of the services offered by GħSL is that of the Thesis library. Together with the help of the Faculty of Laws, copies of the theses submitted by graduates have been recorded in a form of a new and improved database for the use of all Law students. We encourage those students who have not yet submitted their theses copy to send an email to so that they can be added to the database. 


GħSL is now embarking on another project, that of the digitisation of the thesis libraries at the Faculty of laws. Part of this project requires the scanning of documents and images so that they can be processed through a computer software. This will allow them to be transferred to files which can then be stored in the above-mentioned database.


Thus, the help of a subcommittee, whose role would mainly involve the processing of the material, is required for it completion. We would like your involvement and help in this project to truly make a difference to all law students. 


Those who are interested in helping are to send an email on for more information. 


Thank you.