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GħSL is responsible for the distribution of authoritative law notes and past papers published by the organisation and the University of Malta. These notes are written by local jurists who are experts in their particular fields. They are amongst the best-written and most reliable sources in the Maltese legal sphere.


These writings, including the works of Prof. A. Mamo, Prof. V. Caruana Galizia, and Prof. F. Cremona, are an invaluable source to Maltese Legal Jurisprudence and remain highly relevant to the study and practise of the legal profession.


The Sub-Committee for the Reform of Student Resources was set up in April 2014 under the auspices of the GħSL Academic Office. Its intention was to embark on the challenging project of reforming the resources available to law students. The aim of the committee was to discuss all available avenues for the development of both short-term and long-term solutions pertaining to student resources. GħSL is committed to providing students with the best possible tools to facilitate their studies. As part of this project, the GħSL Authoritative Notes were scanned and digitised in collaboration with the Faculty of Laws and GANADO Advocates. This project was led by Joshua Chircop, Luke Hili and Dirk Urpani.


- 23 new packs of notes were introduced

- There are now 43 packs for students to choose from

- 15 of the very worst were digitised and 35 law students proof read over 2,626 pages


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- Online notes are only available for reading and are non-printable and non-editable.

- Printed notes can be picked up from Papier Studio, Msida AFTER receiving a phone call. Invoice is required.

- Package includes both online and printed notes.


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