Thesis Library


For access to GħSL's Thesis Directory click here.


The GħSL Thesis Library boasts of being an important resource both for those law students who are in their first years at University, budding lawyers, who are researching material for their dissertations, as well as anybody who is merely interested in obtaining information about a particular legal issue.


Located at the GħSL Office, Room 219 at the Faculty of Laws, the GhSL Thesis Library has a vast collection of LL.D. and Masters Dissertations, as well as a varied collection of Law Journals, including back issues of Id-Dritt. The GħSL Thesis Library also has a large number of Theses in digital format.


GħSL’s Thesis Library is a wealthy and convenient source of information. Obtaining membership to GħSL’s online resources automatically grants access to the database of theses available for loan. Once a thesis is selected, students may submit an online request to borrow the thesis for a period of up to two weeks that may be extended at the discretion of the librarian. 


In order to access the thesis directory, one must become a member of the website for a fee of €5. 


For access to GħSL's Thesis Directory click here.