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Għaqda Studenti Tal-Liġi (Malta Law Students’ Society) is a faculty-based non-profit organisation at the University of Malta representing all law students. GħSL was founded by a group of law students back in 1943, led by Joseph Ganado, later Professor of Civil law and Dean of the Faculty of Laws.

Every year, law students are given the opportunity to elect students to head the organisation, as well as class representatives from every year in order to maintain the best possible communication between students, the Society, and the Faculty.

GħSL is also responsible for publishing scholarly legal articles in its annual Id-Dritt publication, as well as on the Online Law Journal. Id-Dritt, first released in 1944, remains the most recognised and prestigious forum for local as well as international jurists to contribute to the discussion of various topics.
Andrew Sciberras - President

Andrew Sciberras

President - The office of the President is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. It ensures that the goals set for the respective academic term are achieved and leads the organisation in the direction best suited to do so. The guiding role of the President is crucial in order to assist the other officers to make the most out of their position.

Katrina Borg Ferrando - VicePres

Katrina Borg Ferrando

Vice-President - This year, the office of Vice-President is concerned with managing and overseeing academic projects within the executive and assisting the President and Secretary General in all things to do with the administration and general running of the organisation.

Giuseppe Gatt - Sec Gen

Giuseppe Gatt

Secretary General - The Secretary General keeps the organisation running smoothly and efficiently, tackling any problems that may arise and assisting the other officers. Together with the President and Vice-President, the Secretary General helps guide the organisation and achieve its goals.

Cristina Schembri - Finance

Cristina Schembri

Financial Officer - The financial office manages the finances of the organisation by keeping track of its income and controlling its expenditure. It is also tasked with preparing financial reports and developing budgets thereby ensuring the smooth-running of the organisation.

Kimberly Axisa - Legal Aid

Kimberly Axisa

Legal Aid Officer - The Legal Aid Office is also referred to as legal aid, and aims to give back to the community. This office organises charitable events, various clean-ups to aid the environment, and acts as the way the organisation shows it truly cares about those around us. In short, it is the office that thrives and works to enact a positive change in the world we live in.

Philip Gatt - Academic

Philip Gatt

Academic Officer - The academic sector of the organisation is one of its strongest assets. The officer’s main focus is to organise several informative events with the aim of helping students with their studies and any challenges that the law course might bring. The law course can be tricky, but it’s the Academic officers job to streamline the process and address any issues the students may have.

Michael Gatt - Leisure

Michael Gatt

Leisure Officer - The Leisure office makes sure that GħSL is more than just academics. This role is there to create social interaction between the organisation and students, but most importantly between the students themselves. The tasks of the office include organisation of parties, live ins, drive in cinemas, and other countless social events.

Hayley Borg - Marketing

Hayley Borg

Marketing Officer - When it comes to sponsorships and branding, this Office is the one to look out for. Working hand in hand with each of the other offices, the office is able to bring sponsors and pre-set designs to fruition for all events and the organisation as a whole. Ultimately, the goal is for GħSL to keep a fresh and modern look while retaining its professional image.

Michaela Giorgio - Resources

Michaela Giorgio

Resources Officer - This office’s main purpose is to publish notes and past papers held by the organisation for the needs of its members, as well as compiling and publishing documents which would be advantageous to both students and legal professionals alike. Essentially, the Office is responsible for managing every aspect of the organisation’s informative and/or academic publications.

David Chetcuti Dimech - Publications

David Chetcuti Dimech

Publications Officer - The Publications office is responsible for the editing and publication of the leading law journal in Malta: the highly-esteemed 'Id-Dritt'. It also takes care of the 'Online Law Journal', an GħSL initiative for students to have their articles published on our website for easy access.

Andrew Drago - Policy

Andrew Drago

Policy Officer - The Policy office is well-known for its annual Policy Paper which is generally centred around predominant topics within the legal sphere. Besides this, the office also focuses on the 'Taħdita Legali', which creates a platform open for debate regarding controversial matters.

Alessia Bonanno - International

Alessia Bonanno

International Officer - Last year this office was effected greatly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however this scholastic year, it's back with a bang! This office plans international events by scouting and discussing all available locations, universities, accommodation, flights and activities, both for the leisure trips, as well as for the academic exchanges.

Laura Chetcuti Dimech - Moot Court

Laura Chetcuti Dimech

Moot Court Officer - A ‘moot court’ is a competition where law students tackle an imaginary case as if they were the lawyers. This is taken care of by this officer, through workshops related to court proceedings, or an imitation of whole court cases in relation to different areas of the law. Therefore, this ensures that law students are practicing their litigation skills before they have to do so in their career.