A collection of our Policy Papers

Policy Papers

Għaqda Studenti tal-Liġi is proud of its Policy Office, which annually publishes Policy Papers on various legal topics which have been selected as they are deemed to be in need of discussion and reform. We hope that they are of use to students and legal professionals alike so that possibly reform can take place.

The Rights of Victims and Society in the In Genere Inquiry

Judicial Review Act - A Proposed Bill to Reform a Fragmented and Improper Law

Appell lil-Leġiżlatur
L-artikolu 460 tal-Kapitolu 12 tal-Liġijiet ta' Malta

Lawyers Act - Proposals on a Regulatory Framework years in the Making

Abortion - A Reproductive Right, or a Moral Profligacy

Prostitution and Human Trafficking

Rule Of Law

An insight into Euthanasia and a Multi-Faceted Examination of Voluntary Medically-Induced and Physician-Assisted Suicide

An Insight into the Legalisation of Prostitution

Lowering the Age of Consent

Reform of the Law of Civil Damages

Law on Financing of Political Parties

Document of Recommendations - Justice Reform