Id-Dritt Law Journal is a peer-reviewed journal which finds its roots in the old Law Journal published back in 1944. It is a compilation of legal articles ranging from broad to specific issues that collates essential reading for the legal practitioner and the law student alike.

Throughout the years, the journal has undergone many modifications and improvements. Today, it is regarded as one of the few indispensable local publications that is accessible to everyone, including the general public. It is considered in Maltese legal circles to be an authoritative commentary on current issues including the several important, far-reaching and sometimes radical amendments that have taken place over time.

The Law Journal

The Law Journal was, at the time, the first and only local legal publication on our island. Its existence was indicative of a lacuna, one which academics would not fill. It took a group of law students, balancing their studies and other commitments, to organise such a publication.

This journal was not long lived, with only three volumes being published, however it set a precedent. A precedent which was only fulfilled after twenty years of absence, when the law students resurrected the project, rebranding it to Id-Dritt, where it has continued to this day, becoming an annual publication which is the crown jewel of the Malta Law Students’ Society.

*Note: When purchasing the printed versions of "Id-Dritt Vol.30(1)" and "Id-Dritt Vol.30 (2)" together, the price combined is €40 (instead of €50).