The Last Resort Moot Court

This weekend GħSL hosted their very own ECHR moot court suitably named, ‘The Last Resort’ inside Malta’s prestigious Constitutional Court in the Valletta Law Courts. 

This was done in collaboration with the Law Student Society of Ireland from Blackhall University. The adjudicating panel consisted of Chief Justice Emeritus Vincent DeGaetano, Judge Giovanni Bonello and Madame Justice Lorraine Schembri Orland. It is to be noted that all judges are current or former judges for Malta on the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, making this event a historic one for Malta’s legal history.

The moot consisted of a dispute on the right of freedom of expression, and was modelled on the 2009 case of Unifaun Theatre Productions Limited And Others v. Malta. The participants were judged on both written and oral submissions. In the end, the Irish team of Philip Hayden, Tasmin Islam, Hannah Kenny, Gavin McLaughlin came out on top.

GħSL would like to thank all the participants for their contributions and hard work, the panel of judges and everyone who was of assistance in some way or another.

As an organisation, we strive to give the law course a more holistic approach, to demonstrate that there is more to law than what is learnt inside the classroom and through books. Therefore, we encourage students to keep an eye out for events that can broaden their learning perspectives.

Moot Court Officer 22-23

Laura Chetcuti Dimech