iGaming in Malta – Awareness: Pentasia’s ‘Introduction to iGaming’ Course

  • 13/01/2015
  • Emma Grech
  • 2 min read

Emma Grech, ‘iGaming in Malta – Awareness: Pentasia’s ‘Introduction to iGaming’ Course’ (Online Law Journal, 13 January 2015).

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The remote gaming sector in Malta is fast growing, bringing with it new and exciting career opportunities that range from positions of Chief Executive Officers of large gaming companies to customer support services. Because of the dynamism and popularity of the sector, with the objective of raising awareness, Pentasia recently organised a course entitled ‘Introduction to iGaming’.

The course dealt firstly with the basics. One could see that it was aimed for persons ranging from young students to older professionals seeking a quick yet informative overview of the remote gaming industry. It outlined the fact that most of us gamble without knowing it. Purchasing a simple lottery ticket poses a form of gambling. It then went on to describe the origination of online gaming. Surprisingly, it was officially born in Antigua in 1994, with Cryptologic being the first gaming software, and the well-known Intercasino being the first major online casino. Indeed, high-tech innovation has substantially increased player interactivity, making it possible to deliver gaming anytime, and on any technology device.

The course also posited some practical variables about gaming in general. It dealt with sportsbook betting, sports betting, casino and casino games (Blackjack, roulette and land-based slot machines to name a few); it also provided attendees with an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of remote gaming versus land-based gaming. Some noteworthy disadvantages of remote gaming are that one will possibly experience a delay in obtaining one’s winnings when cashing out, and transactions can be complicated on credit card statements.

The legal implications of iGaming were also briefly and basically delved into. All in all, the course was avidly informative and provided a well-rounded knowledge of the gaming industry for persons interested in becoming accustomed to the subject.