In this article, Andrea Zammit analyses the use of capital punishment and deportation as consequences of and deterrents against criminal offences, with particular focus on the events that unfolded locally during World War II. The rest of the article can be found in Id-Dritt XXX. Andrea Zammit, ‘Pro-Italianism, treason and conspiracy in wartime Malta: A […]

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Punishing a Recidivist

  • Consuelo Scerri Herrera
  • 06/03/2017
  • 22 min read

Consuelo Scerri Herrera, ‘Punishing a Recidivist’ (Online Law Journal, 6 March 2017). The punishment of repeat offenders should in principle be harsher than the punishment of first-time offenders. However it is the opinion of the writer that this asymmetry is obviously just a rough structure. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation. I shall […]

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Capital Punishment: Is it a Deterrent?

  • Jeremy Buttigieg
  • 22/12/2014
  • 7 min read

Jeremy Buttigieg, ‘Capital Punishment: Is it a Deterrent?’ (Online Law Journal, 22 December 2014). A HISTORICAL OVERVIEW OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN MALTA The final execution at the Corradino Prison took place on 5 July 1943, wherein Karmnu Zammit and his brother Guzeppi were hanged as they were found guilty of murdering Spiru Grech of Zabbar. […]

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