Leave policies and legislation in Malta: How gender equal?

  • Frances Camilleri-Cassar
  • 06/06/2020
  • 6 min read

In this article, Prof Frances Camilleri-Cassar gives a direct insight into Malta’s leave policies through unravelling reactions and experiences of a purposive sample of graduate women. The rest of the article can be found in id-Dritt XXX. 1. Introduction How much do leave policies in Malta assume that men and women both need time to […]

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Gender Identity Issues in Maltese Law

  • Chris Bergedahl
  • 22/12/2014
  • 28 min read

Chris Bergedahl, ‘Gender Identity Issues in Maltese Law’ (Online Law Journal, 22 December 2014). INTRODUCTION Of all the current legal and political controversies that have topped the headlines in recent times, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (collectively referred to as ‘LGBT’) rights have been particularly prominent. The late 2000s and early 2010s have seen a […]

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