Bribery and Genocide: The Same?

  • Giovanni Bonello
  • 23/12/2014
  • 6 min read

Giovanni Bonello, ‘Bribery and Genocide: The Same?’ (Online Law Journal, 23 December 2014). I am pleased to note that the Government has announced new measures to fight corruption. Legislation ‘to remove the applicability of prescription to the offence of corruption’ committed by a Minister, Parliamentary Secretary, Member of the House of Representatives, Mayor or Local […]

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An Issue of Quasi-Contract: Micallef vs Gravina

  • Michelle Camilleri
  • 22/12/2014
  • 5 min read

Michelle Camilleri, ‘An Issue of Quasi-Contract: Micallef vs Gravina’ (Online Law Journal, 22 December 2014). In this case plaintiff is asking defendant to pay back maintenance, which he had paid to her as curator of her minor child. The parties separated by means of a court judgment given on the 30 June 2004 whereby plaintiff […]

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