Juridical Interest in Constitutional Proceedings

  • Tonio Borg
  • 17/02/2017
  • 27 min read

Tonio Borg, ‘Juridical Interest in Constitutional Proceedings’ (Online Law Journal, 17 February 2017). In Maltese procedural law, the juridical interest notion is engrained in our legal system, at least in civil law. In our system, to initiate proceedings and open a case before a court of law, plaintiff or applicant must prove juridical interest which […]

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Application Number 1/2011 The Honourable Joe Mizzi vs Enemalta Corporation and Water Services Corporation 27 February 2013, Competition and Consumer Appeal Tribunal Annalies Azzopardi, ‘The Complainant’s Right of Access to the File in Competition Proceedings’ (Online Law Journal, 19 October 2015). On 27 February, 2013, the Competition and Consumer Appeals Tribunal (“Tribunal”) handed down a […]

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Identification in the Law of Evidence: Zammit Tabona vs Saliba

  • Michelle Camilleri
  • 13/01/2015
  • 5 min read

Michelle Camilleri, ‘Identification in the Law of Evidence: Zammit Tabona vs Saliba’ (Online Law Journal, 13 January 2015). By means of a preliminary judgment given in October 2006, the First Hall of the Civil Court declared that defendant had indeed participated in the robbery and after referring to Article 1049 Civil Code,2 stated that defendant […]

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